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What Work Can J. E. Travis Painting Do

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What Work Can J. E. Travis Painting Do

J. E. Travis Painting, Inc has been painting in the south Texas area for over 100 years. That’s who Travis Painting is; in this episode, John Travis explains what Travis Painting can do.

Interview with Jane Feigenbaum

Jane Feigenbaum is the CEO of one of the largest contracting companies in San Antonio, Metropolitan Contracting. In today’s episode, we will hear her story, how she climbed the ladder from a project manager to the CEO, and the challenges she faced and overcame in the process. We hope you enjoy it.

Interview with David Roy Part 1

As an intern, David Roy has been involved with J. E. Travis Painting for many years, but he recently graduated from college and started working with us full-time. David represents everything we could hope for from this up-and-coming generation. We hope you enjoy part one of this two-part episode.

From 1886 to today - John Travis

If you look closely at our logo, it says “Since 1886”. In this episode, John explains the history of the Travis Family of companies dating back to 1886.

Interview with Doug Hahn - John Travis

In this interview, we get to hear from Doug Hahn, one of our project managers at Travis Millwork. Doug has worked at Travis Millwork for almost two decades and the stories he tells are both inspiring and hilarious.

How did it all start? - John Travis

How did Travis Millwork and J. E. Travis Painting get started? In this episode, John Travis talks about how he got started in the business and how the companies have grown over the years.

Interview with Doug Roy - John Travis

Doug Roy is the head of J. E. Travis Painting and has led our largest painting projects from the Cornerstone Ark to Comal County Highschool. How and when he got started in the business is a fascinating story that you don’t want to miss.