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Five generations since 1886

J.E. Travis Painting, Inc. (JET) is a fifth generation commercial painting and decorating contractor that provides services primarily to the Central and South Texas regions. Work capabilities encompass all aspects of the painting and decorating trade, including: taping, floating, texturing, painting, staining, wall-covering and faux finishing. From single story to high-rise structures, experienced crews coat both interior and exterior surfaces, utilizing application methods from simple pot and brush tools to multi-gun spray rigs.


Tape and Float, Texture

J.E. Travis offers stain finishing services. We also offer custom matching by our stain specialists. We use a variety of different stain finish types including lacquer, oil, and acrylic stains from several industry-leading stain suppliers. 

In addition to being able to provide field applied finishes, we operate an in-house finishing facility that allows stain projects to run concurrently with fieldwork, saving time, and enhancing quality control.


The right coating properly applied results in a durable finish so JET uses several primer and paint technologies including:  acrylic, alkyd, marine, epoxy, and urethane in single or multi-component  form to cover a variety of interior and exterior surfaces.  Substrates like wood, GWB, CMU, concrete, and metal are common construction materials that we paint .  From weenie rollers to HVLP and airless equipment, JET crews use the right tools and coatings to provide a lasting finish.


Proper preparation is key in delivering a quality paint project.  JET crews  tape and float  GWB surfaces to approved specification (Level 1 to Level 5)  including taping for sound and fire ratings or cement board preparation behind tile as required.  We also include specialty texture coatings, per design intent, including:  blown-on orange peel, knock-down, hand-trowel, Monterrey, or specialty textured coatings.

Faux Finishes

J.E. Travis offers various types of faux finishing options. 

Our experienced team can match an existing finish or match a finish that you have in mind. This includes, “sponge”, “ragged”, “glazes”, “stenciling”, “crackle”, “gold leaf”, and other similar finishes.


We offer experienced installers for your wallcovering projects. We work with leading industry wallcovering vendors if you need assistance in selecting a color or pattern that suits your project. We can also install custom furnished graphics.

Maintenance Work and Other Services

From touching up a door frame to painting out a suite of offices, our experienced team can accommodate your schedule to get your area looking new, again. We specialize in commercial office and retail spaces, warehouses, restaurants, and private-owned businesses. We can accommodate large scale projects, but will also come out for minor touch-ups. Custom color-matching is part of our trade. Give us a call to schedule a walk-thru and request a quote.