Cornerstone Noah's Ark

J.E. Travis Painting, Inc. & Travis Millwork, Inc.

The Ark is a collaborative project that involved the engineering, manufacture, finishing, and installation of a 225’ long by 25’ wide by 30’ tall scale mock-up of Noah’s Ark.  Created for Cornerstone Church’s new pre-school classroom facility, the Ark required over six miles of knotty alder hardwood and trim, and two acres of plywood and veneer to construct its’ curved wood beams, handrails, wood-clad stair units, ship’s bow, stern, and keel, ship ribs, ramps, veneered light shelves, custom wood doors and frames, cabinetry, and children’s tables and chairs.  Finishing included painting acoustic ceiling tiles to look like wood, faux-finishing the ark ceiling to look like a clouded sky, and staining the wood in the ark three different shades of color to “age” it.  Our work involved integrating metal, plastic, rope, and wood to create an experience for children that brings the Bible to life.

General Contractor: Bartlett Cocke

Owner:  Cornerstone Church

Architect:  Wigodsky and Associates

Project Size:  $750K to $1M

Year: 2018